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    How do I explain this?

    dougbarba Level 1
      I'm a relative newbie at a complete loss.

      I believe I have two identical files however... "institution2" has the interactivity I'm looking for, but the form components don't show up. "institution3" has working form components but the action script doesn't work.

      The action script I developed (with help) to solve another problem. I'm not too familiar with all the code, but I'm pretty good with copy/paste and instance naming. Would someone please look at my files and tell me what's been smacking me in the face these last few hours.


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          MaxManNH Level 2
          It took me a minute but I think I have your problem if you haven't solved it already. The Actionscript appears to be in AS1.0 format and your movieclip seems to be pulled together from Version2.0 components. If you look under your Publish settings you will see that the components are showing up when you are publishing under Flash Player 8, but your code works under Flash Player 6. You need to bring your code forward to AS2.0 format. I have fixed institution 3 if you want I can send you the fla via email.