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    Need Help with Path Root/lockroot


      I have created a simple swf. It's a dynamic HTML text box on the 1st frame of the main timeline, with a UI scroll bar. This swf calls in a CSS file and a TXT file from the same folder the SWF lives in (via AS on the same frame). If I execute it from the folder it works fine, but I am calling the SWF to another page outside the folder on the final page. I don't want to have to include the absolute path in the FLA because I am reusing the SWF for different content where the var value is different in the sub folders.

      Basically I need the compiled SWF to always look in the root that the SWF itself resides for the CSS and TXT files, not the root that the CFM page that called it lives

      I do not write AS, I am a CF prog. so if anyone sees what I need to add to this code please be specific. Thanks so much!