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    Wily Introscope settings for ColfFusion application

      I implemented Wily Introscope to monitor a ColdFusion application on a HP-UX server using HP Hotspot JVM.

      1) Introscope settings (probes) reference Java classes and methods. By using the ..../WEB-INF/cfclasses, the only metrics I succeeded to set are, for instance;

      TraceOneMethodOfclass cfDispatcher2ecfc1427029379 _factor0 MethodTimer "...."

      where the reference to the method is "_factor<n>".

      Is there a way to associate this "_factor<n>" method name
      with a real function defined with <cffunction> tag into the CFML page source ?
      Otherwise I obtain a list of "_factor<n>" method names into the Introscope Workstation view, without to be able to associate each one with the relevant CFML page source function name.

      2) In addition, is there a way to instrument the Java class
      java.lang.runtime (for the method getruntime) ? This is called from ColdFusion page with this code:
      rt = createObject("java","java.lang.Runtime").getRuntime();

      I tried
      SetFlag: InstanceCounts
      IdentifyClassAs: java.lang.Runtime InstanceCounts
      TraceOneMethodIfFlagged: InstanceCounts getRuntime SimpleInstanceCounter "...."

      and then after unsuccess, I tried

      TraceOneMethodOfclass java.lang.Runtime getruntime MethodTimer "..."

      But it did not succeed, no metric appearing in the Workstation view after page call.

      Do you have any any idea ?:confused;