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    What else to check for linked movies

      A while ago I asked about replacing images in a director CBT that I was handed to update (only the images). I went through and got all the images replaced -- same file names, sizes and changing them individually (each cast member). This CBT has about 5 modules that are linked. When I publish a module and go through it the links are fine and the images are fine. When I move the .exe and associated .dcr file to an isolated (separate) location I get inconsistent results. When I look at the published file (.exe) from the isolated location I sometimes see the new images, and sometimes I see the old ones. Where else can I check?

      What is the relationship between the .exe and the .dcr file? If I don't inlcude the .dcr file the links (jump) from movie to movie don't happen but I cannot figure out how to get inside that .dcr file. The only difference that I can tell for now between the isolated is the existence of the source .dir file. I checked the "jump to" parameters and it seems to be pointing to the right file in the correct spot.

      One more piece of info -- the CBT was originally done in Director 7 and I'm using Director MX 2004.

      Does anyone have any suggestions on how else I can figure this out? I'm sorry if this is an easy thing to address; I'm new to this application.
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          OK, embarassingly, I have to reply to my own message because I think I figured it out or at least have started looking down the right path, and I like to close loops. I did not have Shockwave selected as a publishing output (.dcr) and also do not have the Shockwave player loaded on the laptop I was given (thought it was) for this project. So, I think if I make those changes, I should be on my way to having this little exercise complete. If not, I must be down the correct path. I'm sorry for the silly question.