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    What about customers with Flash blocked?

    Karsten Silz

      We're developing Flex solutions for clients, and one of our clients asked about their customers and what happened if they have Flash either not installed at all or Flash content blocked. This could be for (real or perceived) security reasons, or this could be to keep employees from viewing sites like YouTube or Flash gaming sites. This could be a deal-breaker to us because if the client isn't convinced that all their customers can use Flash, they will not use Flex at all.

      So have any of you encountered these kind of problems? What do you do in that case - how can you convince a customer to either install Flash or unblock it for your Flex solution? I mean you don't know what infrastructure a client has and whether blocking "bad Flash content" (YouTube, games etc.) and letting "good Flash content" (our Flex apps) through is an option at all.

      Thank you!

      Karsten Silz