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    Measurements of components

    Rich Oren

      I am almost finished with a large Flex 2.01 project and wanted to see if there would be any problems with the Application porting to Flex 3 plus I wouldn't mind trying out some of the cool features that were implemented. After installing Flex 3, The Coldfusion Extensions, and the New Cairngorm everything work fine.

      So I compiled my Application to take a look an here are a few things I have noticed so far:

      Combo Box component: No Arrow Button and the Selected State is not rendering correctly.

      Measurements on Some buttons are not correct. It seems some of the text in the button labels are not getting measured correctly with the label showing up as BUT... instead of BUTTON.

      I think there might have been changes in the CSS in Flex that I have not had a chance to investigate. The custom components and standard components have been styled with CSS so the problem might be there.

      As far as Flex Builder it seems to be faster at compiling and the over all performance of the Application has improved
      Keep up the great work.