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    Formatting numbers and align the display

      How do you line up number when using NumberFormat function.
      ie. The following code displays a positive and a negative number that are both right justified:
      (note: xx is used to demostrate spaces here, it does not show up in the output)

      <tr><td align="right">#NumberFormat(33456,"(9,999)" )#</td></tr>
      <tr><td align="right">#NumberFormat(-33456,"(9,999)" )#</td></tr>

      As you can see both lines or numbers are flushed to the right and the numbers don't line up.

      I need to have the numbers line up as follows:

      (again I used x as space here)

      I can not use an extra space since the width of space is different than ')'
      I tried adding "<font color=white>)</font>" ie. a white ')' at the end of positive numbers but that does not work either.

      Any suggestions?

      Thank you in advance.