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    Feature Request: Exiting Lightroom - Kill subprocesses too...

    areohbee Level 6

      As it stands, there are certain subprocesses Lightroom starts, to handle things like http connections, I guess.


      Unfortunately, when exiting, Lightroom does not always kill the aforementioned subprocesses, thus the Lightroom process persists and must be ended using task-manager (windows) before Lightroom can be started up again.


      This makes it difficult for plugins that use xmlrpc, as example, to terminate everything so Lightroom can cleanly exit, just ceasing from issueing additional http requests is not enough.


      I dont know if the details of my description are spot-on, but I'm having a devil of a time getting a plugin with an xmlrpc background task to gracefully shutdown so Lightroom can fully terminate its main process, so it can be restarted.


      If I use "taskkill /IM Lightroom.exe /T" then it does the job, but it would be better if normal user termination did the job too, and anyway that command wont work on Mac, which I heard has the same trouble - anybody know how to do the equivalent on Mac (kill process + subprocesses)?