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    Pdf live cycle  form through sap abap editor to validate user input by java script coding


      I am new to apply a java script in a Adobe form.


      So i need of help that i have 9 page form of HR module i need to verify every blank field and wrong entry field also.


      I look around a lot of code but still i am not able to perform good validation in a Adobe form.


      I am using SAP ABAP editor where i am making through PDF Live cycle FORM & try to put java script validation on the field.


      My problem is that how can i link or configured to Adobe form.


      Here are some event are given "mouseup","validate" or more are given.So how i can do.


      i wrote the code like


      / Get the field value

      var f1 = this.getField("VORNA");----why it is not working.Some thing is wrong?

      var v1 = f1.valueAsString;


      if (v1) {


      } else {

         app.alert("Field: " + f1.name + " is blank.", 1);


      //above code is not working.


      but here we used rawValue() method it works , but it popup message  javascript with window error.


      if( this.rawValue()==' ' || this.rawValue==null)---------this works

      xfa.host.MessageBox("First name is blank!");---------this works


      "VORNA" is "First name" field name binding with this value.

      How we can linked java script file with Adobe form.

      Kindly help me