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    Dynamic Element ID inside Repeater?

      Ok basically here's whats going on...

      I have a list of sections available on a web site. (in xml coming in from a httpservice)

      I have a list of which sections certain users are allowed to see. (also in xml coming in from another httpservice)

      what I want to do is,
      use a repeater to build the tile grid of check boxes based on list of all available sections.
      then, after that is build, go through the second list and check the boxes that that user has permission to according to the second list.

      What I'm trying to do now is, dynamically ID each check box inside the first repeater element (total list) and then have a second repeater which repeats some AS that will check the boxes named "{repater.currentItem}"

      problem is, I can't get it to let me dymanically name the ID's of the check boxes... it says it's not valid.

      I would really appreciate any help getting this code to work, or any suggestions as to a better way to handle this.. Thanks!


      <mx:Tile width="580">

      <mx:Repeater id="accessRepeater" dataProvider="{getList.lastResult.units.unit}">

      <mx:CheckBox id="{accessRepeater.currentItem}" label="{accessRepeater.currentItem}" />



      and the exact error message It gives me:


      '{accessRepeater.currentItem}' is not a valid identifier.