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    Mystery Posterization

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      Hi all,

      I'm really not sure how to describe this problem. I first experienced it a few years ago on my home computer, with some photos I'd taken with my Canon 350D, but never found a solution to it. But now it's happened on my work computer. I shot a bunch of RAW files today with a Canon 20D, but when I view them in Bridge or Photoshop, this posterization thing happens to them. And it only happens when I click on or try to open the RAW file. Below is an example of before and after the thumbnail is refreshed in Bridge, after I simply left-clicked once on the file (I've blurred out the guy's face for privacy reasons). Note the more intense blues/contrast and increase in noise levels. The effects are more noticeable on other files. It happened on two different computers in my office - both running CS3. And it seems permanent. I couldn't find any XML files, so I can't just open the RAW files in PS and tell it to revert back to the camera's default settings, because as far as my computer is concerned, they haven't been modified.


      Can anyone please help?!