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    Retain textInput value when reopening a title window

      I am using a bound variable from the mainApp in a title window
      textInput field. I have it bound so that when I make a change in the
      title window the changes show up in a label in the mainApp. However if
      I close the titleWindow and reopen the textInput is reset to the
      original value set in the bound variable. I want the textInput to
      retain the text the user has previously input in the titleWindow each
      time it is reopened.

      in the mainApp:

      [Bindable] public var boundReportTitle:String = "";

      <mx:Label id="lReportTitle" text="{boundReportTitle}"

      in the titleWindow:

      private function reportTitleChange(event:Event):void
      mainApp.lReportTitle.text = tiReportTitle.text;

      <mx:TextInput id="tiReportTitle" text="{mainApp.boundReportTitle}"