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    calling function from actionscript (.as) file for button in mxml

    anandbk Level 1

      Hi Guys,


      Can anyone help me in this regard.


      I have Actinscript file in which i have defined a function like below:


      actionScript.as (file name)


      import mx.controls.Alert;


      public function abc():void{

           Alert.show("Inside abc(): My Button Clicked");




      Now i have button in mxml and i am calling above function in my buttion "click" attribute like below.


      Importing script in mxml:


      <mx:Script source="actionScript.as" />



      Using function:


      <mx:Button id="button1" label="My Button" click="abc()"/>

      Can any one help me, is there any thing else i need to do OR am i going wrong somewhere ?