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    Security Error Accessing Url

      Hi to all,
      I m new to flex I am facing the problem in flex builder. My flex builder is plug in with eclipse i have chosen the option as "Flex data serveices & compiled locally" while creaing my sample project .
      Actually i try to access the SAP related Webservice. when i run my application on tomcat it gives me an error like "Security error accessing URL" .
      my code is

      <mx:WebService id="WES1" wsdl=" http://www.entegdt21.com:8000/sap/bc/srt/rfc/sap/zemp_ws?wsdl" useProxy="false" fault="Alert.show(event.fault.faultString) , 'Error'"

      where doNewSearch() will invoke the webservice .

      but when i chose the application as Basic & run it locally it doesn't gives me any error it is working fine .but i need to access my application through Tomcat what can i do. i was stuggled with this issue. please give me an solution to this issue.
      i aware of cross domain policy but there is no such security restrictions on my SAP Server side.becoz i'm able to access my SAPWebservice when i compile my application on my system even though my sap server on some different system.
      & more over SAP Server is based on Linux so where do i keep that crossdomain.xml file

      please bring me the solution to this issue.it would be more helpful to me.