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    Tips or Hints for installing 64 bit version of InDesign Server?

    Harbs. Level 6

      I'm going to be installing Server for a client (my first one). Quite obviosly, I'd like to install the 64 bit Windows version.


      Does anyone have any tips regarding "gotchas" on 64 bit as opposed to 32 bit? Are there 64 bit specific bugs? Other issues to be aware of?




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          I had an install of InDesignServer 64bit today and noticed that when not also installing the 32bit version, no joboptions were installed.

          Might be something to beware of if your application uses them.




          Terry D

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            emerasoft.srl Level 1

            Hi Harbs,


            sorry if I am answering so late! We are working on InDesign Server since the CS2 release (oh man, how many problems had that version!). We are also working and installing 64bit version since CS4. I haven't currently found any problem on the x64 against the 32bit.


            They work the same way


            Any question or dubt, just knock