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    COM Object Issues

      I created a custom DLL a while back and have been working with it successfully for several months on CF 7.

      I am now attempting to use it on a CFMX 6.1 server and I am running into issues.

      I put the DLL on the server and registered it with Windows. The first problem I ran into was that it could not instaniate the COM object. I solved that by adding permissions for the IIS User on that DLL.

      My new problem is that my DLL creates objects of it's own and I believe that is where it is failing as I am receiving the following error: An exception occurred when executing a Com method.

      It occurs on a line that is calling my DLL that creates a new object within.

      Both servers are Windows 2003. As mentioned the only major difference is the versions of Coldfusion.

      Anyone have this kind of issue before?