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    getURL frame problem

      Im using Flash ver.6.0. Im having this problem that when I specify the framename to load the webpage in getUrl command, it doesn't load in the specified frame, instead it loads in a new window. If I don't specify any frame name, then it loads the webpage in its own frame.

      The framename specified in the HTML file is "mainFrame" and this is the command Im using on a button symbol:

      on (release) {

      help will be deeply appreciated.
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          coldMiner Level 1
          Try uploading it to the server.
          Does not work if file is local.
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            Ahsan/GenX Level 1
            I'll try uploading it to the server as soon as possible, but it did work on the local before I updated the flash plugin.
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              hi there so did you get it to work having the same problem but only in flash MX
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                Ahsan/GenX Level 1
                Yea I figured it out. Actually its about the latest Flash Player and its security features. You can learn about it in Flash security documentation on the website.

                Coming to the point, the flash player does it only when you test it locally on your computer. When uploaded to a webhost, it doesn't do it. You can still avoid this issue on your local system by changing a security feature in your "MOVIE PUBLISHING SETTINGS".. Goto Publish Settings by File Menu or by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F12, go under Flash tab and at the bottom you will see "Local Playback Security".. change it to "Access Network Only".. Now your website will run without issues on your system, but you migh risk it not working online though.. so this should be done for testing purpose only and you should save your flash movie with default option to run on a internet smoothly.