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    [ANN] Xtrema Unicode RTF Text Member, alpha version

    Level 7
      Xtrema Unicode RTF Text Member, alpha version.
      For Director 8.5 and above, windows NT4, 98 and above.

      Features of the final release (progress state)
      Unicode (utf-16) support. (done)
      Rich Text Format support. (done)
      East European + Asian + RTL Language support. (done)
      Embedded Images. (done)
      Common shortcuts / controls :
      http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms651760.aspx (done)
      Mouse Wheel support. (done)
      Drag & Drop functionality. (drag only)
      Copy to / paste from Clipboard. (done)
      Insert rtf data into rtf selection. (not enabled)
      Full character/line position/dimension (rect) info. (done)
      Event driven operation (e.g. on xKeyDown/up - with unicode key info, plus
      mouseWheel) (done)
      Support for virtual sprites (one member, many sprites) (not tested)
      Support for memberless objects. (not tested)
      Extended (object driven) text formatting support. (-)
      Rich Text, or Plain Text operation. (rich text only)
      Character masking (for password entry) (not enabled)
      Horizontal / Vertical scrolling (not enabled, auto only)
      Zooming (not enabled)
      Hyperlink support (-)
      Auto stretching to fit Director's stage zoom (done)
      Ink support (blend only)
      Generate 32 bit image object (not enabled)

      This member has been created from a personal wish list based on years of
      experience with director's text objects.

      If something else comes to mind, or if you wish to join the beta testers
      list, please feel free to contact xtrema at rtr gr.

      - alchemist.