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    Integrating Flex RIA with Microsoft Dynamics CRM


      I am going to be developing an RIA using flex and Flash builder. The RIA will produce a pop-up form that users can add comments to.

      I want to be able to send the users comments from the form to a Microsft Dynamics CRM system.


      Does anyone know anything about integration of RIA forms with Microsft Dynamics CRM ?




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          jasbirk Level 1

          It is possible to embed a flex app within Microsoft Dynamics CRM by either using an iframe or creating a web resource. With iframe you simply point to the page hosting the flex app. The problem with this approach is that the iframe is not available with the offline outlook client. The other approach is creating 2 web resources in Dynamics CRM. The first step is creating a resource for the swf file, this will give you back a URL path to the resource. The second step is to create a web resource for an HTML page that embeds the swf file by using the URL path from step 1. The problem with the approach is that Microsoft Dynamics does not allow you up upload a file with the .swf extension, but to get around that just rename the file to something else that Microsoft Dynamics thinks is a valid web resource like a jpeg. The point of this first step is to get a URL to the resource that you will use in the HTML page that has the embed object tags.


          Checkout the article on using flex with javascript at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/flex_javascript.html this will give you some ideas on how to get data passed from Dynamics CRM through the HTML page to the flex app and back again.

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            irishjmc Level 1

            Thanks for the reply jasbirk.

            I was thinking of having an RIA that you can open a flex form from and a user can fill in their details like name and address. Then they click a submit button and their details is sent to an email address. This email address will correspond to a queue within CRM that will capture the details that way.

            What do you think of that idea ?


            The problem I will have will be returning details back to the RIA from the crm, but I will try the link that you gave me.


            Do you think this will be possible ?

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              jasbirk Level 1

              Ya, this should be possible. The new Dynamics CRM 2011 seems very flexible so you should be able to do it using one of their data integration APIs. Here is a link to some instructional videos on CRM 2011, look at the data section http://channel9.msdn.com/Series/DynamicsCRM2011. Also, look at the how the integrate Silverlight apps into CRM 2011. Basically you can use the same methods but with Flex apps and javascript.


              If it is just a simple form you can do that directly with CRM 2011 and create a new entity and form. But with Flex you can obviously do a lot more cool visualizations. Probably can do that with Silverlight as well but I have never worked with Silverlight...

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                irishjmc Level 1

                Thanks Jasbirk. As far as I know we are probably going to upgrade to CRM 2011 at some stage, we are at CRM 4 at the moment.

                This looks like what I am looking for, we can try it out when we upgrade to CRM 2011.