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    Setting the text of a field with list values


      I have created a list with three properties and three values. I also have three fields where the user types in
      single character text in the fields(fieldA, fieldB, and fieldC) a button and a blank field that I created.

      In the list, I have set the property values = to the text of each field. when I click my button, I would like to display
      ONLY the values of each property in the same blank field (eg: "BlankField"). I can display one value of a property,
      but I need to display all three property values. For example, if the text of fieldA = A, the text of fieldB = B, and the text of fieldC = C,
      then when I hit the button, I would like "BlankField" to read "ABC".
      Below is the lingo I have attached to my button (see the commented lines in script for further info)

      global partNumber
      partNumber = [#prop1:the text of field "fieldA", #prop2:the text of field "fieldB", #prop3:the text of "fieldC"]

      -- the next line works at putting the value of #prop1 into "BlankField"
      put getaProp (partNumber,#prop1) into field "BlankField" Text

      --when I try the lingo like the following line, I get "[#prop1: "A", #prop2: "B", #prop3:"B"]" in the "BlankField"
      put PartNumber into "BlankField"

      I dont want the properties, only the values of all three in the "BlankField" field.
      I am simplifying the explanation for ease of understanding. The application and the user input is to generate
      a part number from a standard product offering that has multiple options for a product assembly.
      Can this be done? I am not that great at lingo and any help would be appreciated.

      thank you very much,
      Chris kotlinski (christopher.kotlinski@emersonprocess.com)