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      I am confused about this file and it's location. In my environment (MX
      7.02/Apache/Linux) the WEB-INF/flex/ folder resides here:


      However, the server is configured to serve web pages from this location:


      my /CFIDE/ folder is located at /apache/html/CFIDE/ but I have no WEB-INF
      folder except in the default location that isn't served up by the web
      server. As I understand it, for flash remoting to work, I must have the
      WEB-INF/flex/ folder in the root of my web server or in the working folder
      of my flex project ON the web server? Is this correct? If so, must I copy
      the WEB-INF folder to my working web document root folder? I'm very
      confused and so far have had HORRIBLE luck trying to get the most simple
      examples to run between Flex and Coldfusion. I am hoping someone can tell
      me what I'm doing wrong or at least point me to some documentation that
      doesn't appear to assume you are running Coldfusion in Developer mode from
      your local workstation (which ALL the samples appear to do).

      Thanks for any help, I configured the coldfusion servers here so I can make
      the needed changes, if I only knew what they were and the documentation
      hasn't helped me much.