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    Writing Flex UI  in Java(Swing Like API)


      Hello there,

      Sometimes ago i wrote about the  project i created to write applications for the flash platform using JAVA.
      Started with AIR , i m also adding support for FLEX.
      The idea behind this  is to make it more easier for Java developers like me  to use use the the Flash platform and  specially FLEX as  the UI layer  for their projects. The most people i talked  to about FLEX  argue that you have to  do some AS/MXML and/or  JS(when targetting AIR) and they are  no willing to do so, since there are others libraries where they can directly leaverage their Java knowledges.
      I remember  some weeks ago attending a presentation in the Java User group here in the city i lived and hearing the speaker saying "Even if  FLEX is probably  the best RIA technology  from those i presented today, it  will not be very popular in Java enterprise because there s no way around AS3/MXML"
      I asked him "Well what if you could  write your FLEX UI entirely in JAVA"  and he said " Then it could be an option, but thats not possible is it ? "
      The reaction that i get about the project is kind of mixed. Some people are questioning why one should use java to write Flex or AIR Applications.
      I can give a lot of reason, but i ll also like to hear what you guys think about my approach.
      So the question i would like to ask:
      Is Java a good language for the flash plattform ?
      the project can be  founded here : http://code.google.com/p/gwt4air/
      the support for Flex here: http://www.gwt4air.appspot.com/
      http://www.gwt4air.appspot.com/(note that this is a flex application totally written in Java, no AS, no MXML) , still in early stage dough . So please expect  to see some bugs.
      Any Inputs will be very welcome.