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    Adobe Flex Performance iSSUE




      I need to build UI using ADobe flex that will connect BPM system. I have concurrent 500 users. Is this is feasible to develop application(UI) using Flex for such kind of application.




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          Hello Victor,


          We are using Flex at Taleo for an application that can have much more than 1,000 concurrent users. You just need to make sure that your architecture can scale horizontally and vertically. Flex isn't the best here, we also do have performance issues. If speed is your primary target, I suggests you to go pure HTML (5) and Javascript (jQuery, Dojo, etc.)


          Good luck.


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            Victor_Sharma Level 1



            What process or improvement needs to be done at Flex side to improve the performance?

            Please guide... (related to my last post)


            I am planning to build an online ticket booking portal where no. of concurrent users would be 4000/5000. Please guide should i develop the application using adobe flex?




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              pauland Level 4

              Flex is a client-side technology. The concurrent performance will be dependent on your server, not the UI (unless you write bad code).