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    To kill a NetStream...

      I am pretty confused by the documentation of the FMS and Flex. It says if I run close() on a netstream object the stream will be free for someone else to view, but i want to remove it completely. Also i end up with too many streams (i think):

      2 clients connect to the streaming server and send picture and audio over two publishing netstreams (ok, i have 2 open streams in my fms panel)
      these 2 clients start to view each others streams while broadcasting and they eventually switch between the streams. if they do, i end up with 6 streams (!?):
      2 streams with my identifiers publishing
      2 streams with cryptic identifiers (probably the viewing connections, but beneath them they each have two sub-streams, one publishing, one viewing)

      it seems to me that i don't close my connections right, but maybe these streams are only sitting there "free for someone else to view"... if my two clients disconnect, the two (or four) streams go away, but the two publishing ones sit there until i reload the application. i don't want any streams to stay there for others to view and if i reconnect my identifier is already taken...

      the documentation on all this is superficial if not entirely bulls***, because they recommend me to stop a publishing stream by supplying "false" to the publish() method. since the method should only accept strings not bools, i don't know what they were thinking when they wrote this.

      now what i need is someone to point me to some documents conatining info on how fms and flex handle these streams and connections and maybe some practical examples. the livedocs are only good if you already know how this is handled and they are as general as it gets...

      please help me out by supplying some links and howtos and whatnot, i don't know what to enter in google anymore.

      thanks a lot,