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    mode merge warning


      this is about how to eliminate a 'feature.' i've  worked photoshop since 2.5 and i have never --ever-- wanted to merge when i change modes and i keep getting a warning about it, with no check box to end it. nothing in preferences either. help!

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          You can wait for Adobe to implement your request or you could Script (and possibly even Action) a work-around.


          Are your conversions usually to a small number of spaces or do you truly need all available profiles?

          In latter case populating a dialog would be more complicated, I guess.


          Are you on Macintosh or Windows?

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            ehj31@verizon.net Level 1

            thanks for the reply. i really wasn't expecting one.

            PC at home, MAC at work and school. my spaces are but one -- i work in the default RGB and at work --a newspaper-- convert to the one CMYK profile there. at school and home it's WYSIWYG RGB, the proof printers both places haveing minds of there own.

            i use some actions to simplify tasks, to lessen the number of clicks i gotta do to do something that i do the same of over and over again. in this case there is only one click i'd like to lessen, so an action wouldn't make sense. it just seems odd that there is no 'don't show this again' button. 

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              c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

              If the feature will ever be implemented we’ll have to wait and see …


              But if you want to try a workaround (for changing to RGB in this case) paste the following text into a new file in ExtendScript Toolkit (part of Photoshop’s installation, Applications/Utilities/Adobe Utilities/ExtendScript Toolkit CS4 or /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Utilities-CS5/ExtendScript Toolkit CS5) and save it as a jsx-file into Photoshop’s Presets/Scripts-folder.

              After restarting Photoshop the Script should be available under File > Scripts and can be assigned a Keyboard Shortcut directly, recorded into an Action, (in CS4 and CS5) be used in a Configurator-Panel or started from ExtendScript Toolkit directly. 

              // 2011, use it at your own risk;
              #target photoshop
              var myDocument = app.activeDocument;
              if (myDocument.mode != DocumentMode.RGB) {


              Personally I often have to separate for several different spaces and usually want to flatten, remove additional channels and Paths and save a copy with an amended name, so I have a Configurator Panel set up that features Scripts for those various spaces that perform those operations with one click.