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    MenuBar bug?!


      I'm having a major problem with focus on textfields - they refuse to relinquish focus when another item or the background is clicked on. I eventually tracked it down to having the MenuBar component in my library.

      Can anyone shed any light on this?

      Method to reproduce the problem:

      1. Create a new flash document
      2. Draw a text box on screen and set it to 'Input Text'
      3. Add the MenuBar component to the library

      Now run the document. You can click on the text box, but if you try to click off it, you can't! HELP!!!


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          cb1071 Level 1
          I'm still not having any joy with this. It seems to me that there's a major problem with focus control when a MenuBar component is in the library. To alleviate this, I've attempted to seperate my MenuBar code into another SWF and dynamically load it at runtime. This does stop the problems with focus, however it now cannot load the 'Menu' component - even though it is present in the new SWF I've created.

          If I put the Menu component in the main SWF, the menubar works correctly, however the focus problem returns. This seems to make these components virtually unusable!

          Do anyone have any ideas?