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    How to scale in right direction

    Maximist Level 1

      Hallo. I need a urgent help. I wish to scale an image and then to position it inside my container. I have this code:


      <s:Scale id="mySequence" target="{this. myContainer}" scaleXBy="1.25" scaleYBy="1.25" repeatCount="1" duration="600"/>


      It works perfectly. My container gain 25% of width and height. The problem is that it grows in the left direction but i want it grows in the right direction where there are my scrollbars so that it can grow as much as it wish cause with my scrollbars i will see it anyway. The problem is that it is growing in the left direction where i have no scrollbars so i will never reach the parts which are out of screen. How can i control the direction??.. Why this happen??


      Thx for all