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    Reader, IE8, Win7, and Oracle - Problems saving PDF


      Hi there! I have an odd annoying issue. In short, my problem is that I cannot save PDF's generated by Orace in a browser window on my Windows 7 PC. My Windows XP machine does this just fine. Both are using IE8.


      My work uses Oracle for a good bit of our tasks. I frequently have to save generated PDF's from the Oracle system. The work flow is like this:

      1) Login to Oracle in IE8. Then open Oracle via IE8. This process opens up a Java window that houses the actual Oracle app.

      2) Generate file from within Oracle. This opens another IE8 window in which I can choose the format of the file (RTF or PDF). When I click next it will generate the file...if a PDF it will normally open inside the browser window.

      3) At this point on my Windows XP/IE8 machine, I can click save and a dialog box opens allowing me to choose location and name for the file. On my Windows 7/IE8 machine, when I click save, nothing happens.


      If I change the settings in Reader to dissalow opening the file in the browser (forcing Reader to open), I can navigate to "Save As" and save the file. This just requires several more clicks (and to anyone that has used Oracle, you know that the last thing I need is several more clicks for a task).


      I can print fine, so I can use a PDF printer to "save" the file, but again, this is more clicks.


      If I navigate to a PDF on the web (I used the IRS as a test), I can save just fine, same as on my XP machine.


      I've tried disabling UAC in Win7, doesn't help. I've tried adding my company's Oracle website to the trusted list, doesn't help (PDFs come up in an Unkonwn Zone no matter what I do). I tried manually enabling every item under the security settings of IE8 and it didn't help. I've tried running IE8 as an administrator, didn't help.


      Thanks in advance for the help.


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          I found a decent workaround (not a true solution)...remove Adobe Reader and install PDF Xchange Viewer instead. Its free and has browser integration that actually works correctly. Looking over this forum, it seems that Adobe Reader has a number of problems with Windows 7...I would have thought that Adobe would have their act together better. I guess I was wrong.