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    Export css

    JimVag1947 Level 1

      I use fireworks to design the comp of the website and then export it a css file(with all the relevant code) where i will manipulate it in Dreamweaver.


      The problem is that the images and blocks of the picture are converted to div... code in the css file with no obvious link between the code in the css file and the blocks/images in the comp. What can be done in such case. If i have a block in the comp with a height of 450px, then i have to search through all of the code in the css file to find the corresponding code css segment.


      It is tedious and sometimes i might not find the code at all because it has been altered during the export proccess.


      Is there a way-for example-that an image in the comp can get a name("John" for example) and that name is given to the correspondig div code segment in the css-div#John for example.


      I hope i was clear-thanks.