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    caching problem in Chrome and Firefox


      Hey folks,


      I ran into a weird problem.  I created a video player based on the Strobe Media Playback.  I added a couple of plugins.  This player is used to watch progressive download FLV files.


      I ran into the following issue.  I watch part of a video.  I select another one.  Then I select the previous one again.  Only the cached portion of the first video is shown.  The entire video will not be downloaded again from the server, but only the portion already cached on the client.


      This problem is really bad in Chrome.  When I restart FF, I can watch the entire video.  Not in Chrome.  The only way to solve this in Chrome is to clear the cache.


      Any ideas?


      The website is live, so you can test this yourselve.  http://www.submergeproductions.com/videos.aspx


      All help very welcome, because this is a major issue.



      Follow up.  I made a quick fix.  I added a random number to the FLV url to force a redownload from the server, but this quite a dirty fix. I would rather have a restart/continuation of the download if the file was only partially downloaded.