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    Is After Effects the Right Tool for Me?


      Hi everyone,


      I wanted to see if After Effects was the best tool for what I'm looking to use it for - or if another tool might be better?


      I'm in a training department, and we've decided to implement a series of simple, 2-3 minute training videos.... featuring rapping sock puppets. Yes. You read that right


      Anyway, we'll be filming the videos using a higher-end digital camera. But of course, we know we'll need to do things like add tracks (our few puppeteers won't always get their lines right) and to add the music track, and do things like add titles, subtitles, transitions, effects, etc. Then we'll be publishing the content to our company's intranet


      None of us are tech experts (obviously, since we're using sock puppets). Is After Effects the right tool for us? If not, what might be good alternatives?


      Thanks for your help!