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    Soundbooth markers into AE

    Donny_M Level 1

      I am trying to animate some text to spoken words that I have recorded. I have the audio file in Soundbooth and have made the flash cue points marked when each word is said with the (*) key, I would like to get those markers into AE so that I can animate text to each word. I consider myself to still be a newbie at AE, I have done a few 3D text animations among other things, and think that I can handle the project if only I could get the markers to come in with the file. Is there something I am not doing? Please help me out.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          AE should import SB markers without trouble if they are embedded in WAV or ASND files. They will become layer markers once you add the sound file to the timeline. if this doesn't work, you may need to provide a few more details about your workflow.



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            Donny_M Level 1

            I guess I'm not doing something right, which doesn't surprise me. I tend to learn things the hard way.

            So here are some specs on my machine if you need that in the references.

            I am on a Mac with 2 quad core intel xeons and 14 GB of Memory, running CS4.


            Like I said I am pretty new at this stuff, most everything I do is with print or animation in Flash on the web, not much production work.

            I'm not sure what you mean by the markers being embedded into the .asnd file. So let me tell you how I am working with the files and maybe you could give me a clue as to what I am messing up.


            I have the audio that I have recorded in the studio saved as a .asnd file. In that file I have made markers at the start of each word with the (*) key on the num pad. After I have made these markers I save the file, keeping it in the .asnd format as to not compress it.

            I then open AE and do FILE > NEW PROJECT. In the project I import the .asnd file (pressing command I), put the .asnd in the timeline and see no markers. If I do a RAM PREVIEW I can hear the audio. I can also see the wave form in the timeline when I toggle the arrows down, just can't see any markers with it.


            Now like I said I am new to these programs, thought I knew the basics, but I guess I'm still learning. If I can give you any more information please ask and I will try to get across what I am doing.


            Thanks for the help.



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              Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

              In After Effects preferences > Media & Disk Cache, is the Create Layer Markers From Footage XMP Metadata option turned on?  If turned off, this will prevent the Flash Cue Point markers in ASND files from populating markers when the file is added to the comp.

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                Donny_M Level 1

                That was it, thanks so much for the help.



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                  David Cabestany Level 1

                  Is there a way to import the markers from a multitrack file? Since Soundbooth does not allow to add markers in multitrack files I added an in and an out marker on each of my tracks and then imported the .asnd file into After effects, but I can't see the markers, do I need to "flatten" my file before being able to see the markers in After Effects?

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                    Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

                    You can save your multitrack file as a WAV file (or other format), and Soundbooth will embed the markers from the individual tracks into that single file.  The downside of doing this is that if you want to edit the audio at a later time, you will need to go back to your original multitrack ASND, re-save it as a WAV, and re-import it into After Effects. So this is good if you know you're finished with the file; not so good if you think you will be doing further editing.


                    The ability to drag replace a layer in a comp by holding the Alt/Opt key will be useful with this.  In fact, you could use that ability in After Effects to fake a method of attaching the markers to your ASND file:


                    1. In Soundbooth, use File > Save As to save a copy of your multitrack file as a WAV file.
                    2. Import both the WAV and the multitrack ASND file into After Effects.
                    3. Place the WAV in your AE comp.  It should show the expected markers from your the individual tracks.
                    4. Hold down the Alt/Opt key and drag the ASND file from the AE Project panel to the WAV file in the Comp panel.


                    The result should be that the ASND audio file is in the timeline, but the markers from the WAV file remain present on that layer.  If you need to edit the ASND multitrack file, you can use the Edit > Edit Original command to open the ASND file in Soundbooth.


                    The only downside here is that since the markers are sourced from the WAV file, if you change the marker positions in Soundbooth you'll need to go through all of those steps again.  After Effects does allow you to update the markers from a source file (right-click on any of the layer markers and choose Update Markers), so you could simply keep a copy of the WAV file in the timeline and use that as your marker source, and turn the audio switch off so it doesn't interfere with the ASND audio.  After you update the markers in Soundbooth, simply save a new copy of the WAV file over the old one, and update the markers in AE.


                    Hopefully, David, via one path or another that gets you to where you need to go.


                    For the future, Adobe Audition has replaced Soundbooth in the Creative Suite.  You can set markers in a multitrack session in Audition, but currently the Audition SESX file format doesn't import directly into After Effects; you have to mix down the session to a WAV or other compatible format.  You can choose to include the markers, and from there it works the same way as saving a WAV from Soundbooth.  The interchange between Audition and After Effects (or Premiere Pro) could be improved in future versions; please let us know about any improvements you'd like to see by filing a feature request.

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                      splette Level 1

                      That helped a lot. Thanks

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                        andi_urra Level 1

                        Unfortunately the exchange of markers does not work from Audition to Premiere Pro.


                        Is there any way of achieving this? I need it urgently.


                        I tested your workflow:

                        • Save an Audition Multitrack session that has markers as a .wav mixdown (with "include markers and other metadata" activated).
                        • import this .wav into AE => markers show on layer (OK)
                        • import this .wav into Premiere Pro => no markers, neither in the source monitor nor in the sequence window


                        Is this really not supported? Is there any workaround to get the markers into Premiere?

                        It is hard to believe that it does work for AE but is not implemented for Premiere.


                        Any help would be greatly appreciated.


                        Kind regards,


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                          Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

                          Hi Andreas,


                          I see that you've cross-posted this issue in the Premiere Pro forum.  As the problem is not related to After Effects, the discussion is best left continued there.


                          Please make sure to file a bug report, too.



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                            David Cabestany Level 1

                            This was very useful thanks, sorry I hadn't posted before, been swamped lately.

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                              Hi Tim,


                              I'm working to an AE project and got my audio multitrack session in Audition as a .sesx. Did you ever make it to implement the .sesx format compatibility into AE? On a first try seems me like it hasnt been implemented.


                              I am creating an animation and the audio will probably have to be adjusted a few times. Is there any other way for me to avoid exporting the multitrack session from Audition as a .wav all the times (other than import every single wav into AE and re create the multisession layout)?




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                                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                I would use a completely different technique. Instead of manually adding a bunch of markers for a script in any app I'd open the audio file in a Premiere Pro sequence and then run speech recognition on it. You can greatly improve the accuracy of the speech recognition if you have a text file of the audio track. Then when you open the movie or audio track in AE you will have markers with labels for every word right in your timeline. I do this all the time and it is a tremendous time saver. It is also way faster than adding markers by hand. 10 minutes of dialogue can be analyzed on my system in about


                                Here's the technique: Improving Speech Analysis with a Text File | Peachpit TV for Video | Adobe TV


                                This is what your timeline looks like:

                                Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 3.52.30 AM.png