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    "Select Proper Boot Device" Raid Member "Free"

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      This morning I started my CS5 Premiere computer and got this message (see screen capture):  "Reboot and select proper boot device..."


      I checked my raid settings.  All seem find and healthy.  See attached screen shots.


      I see that under Raid set information it says "Raid Set #000 :4/4 Disks: Normal

      I see no errors in the Log


      And I see that Raid Set member "5" is listed as "Free".  (see screen capture)


      BTW I see in one of my Asus Setup Screens that Sata 1 - 6 "not detected", but, as I recall, that is to be expected since I am using a Areca  ARC-1680D-IX 12-ports SAS RAID


      I guess I have to do some repair work on my raid.   But I think this has nothing to do with the raid, since the raid appears to be "healthy" and no errors in the raid log.  BTW according to my notes I have a "Raid 3"


      Any suggestions?





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          On my system, which also has an Areca controller, but has a Gigabyte motherboard, if the "boot order" gets reconfigured by the system bios it will not boot.


          Assuming your Asus has something similar, make sure your Areca is at the top of the list.



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            Hi Jim,


            Looks like my boot (OS) drive has failed.  I tried it in another computer and got the same message.

            So I'll get a new one and reinstall CS5 (I only keep CS5 and WIndows 7 on my boot drive).


            So thanks for helping me troubleshoot!


            I'll report back if I have any other surprises!



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              HI Jim


              As it turned out, your solution did the trick.  I took another look at my hardware setup and looked again at the basic setup of the system.  And indeed the Raid was listed as the #1 drive and the OS was listed as drive #2.   I must have inadvertentedly done a reset to default settings  at some point without knowing it.


              And, looking back, the drive I took out of my box to test on another computer was not the OS drive at all but the hotspare for the raid - so of course it did not have the operating system on it.


              So now all is back to normal!


              Thanks for your help!



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                So glad to hear that this fixed you up. You mention that, "you must have inadvertently done a reset to default settings at some point without knowing it", however, based on what I've seen with my Gigabyte board, you may not have done anything inadvertently. Simply doing a change to something completely unrelated to your drives and boot order may have triggering the bios to reset the boot order; I think that simply removing some RAM triggered a similar issue on my system one time.