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    Looking for methods to achieve this

      Hi folks,

      I want to make my swf stream musics in a continuous way. Say you have a 10 minutes song, normally when visitor1 opens the client swf they start listening it from beginning, 3 minutes after if visitor2 jumps in and opens they too start from the begining, and so on so forth for other visitors. What i want though is to find a way such that if visitor1 opens the client while the song is playing since 2 minutes they start listening only the portion that is left, not from the beginning; visitor2 jumps in 3 minutes after him, they just listen the remaining 5 minutes of the song, see what i mean?

      I can i do that? Is they any specific methods for that, or how would you define a custom approach to achieve this? Can flash alone do that or would it require server sides codes in other languages?

      Thank you