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    Premiere Pro crashes whenever I enable my onboard microphone for recording voiceover


      I wanted to record a voiceover to an edited piece - it's not important the quality of my voiceover, so I planned to record using the onboard microphone on my Macbook Pro (OS10.6.6, 2.66 GHz Interl Core i7, 8GB RAM).


      If I go into Preferences > Audio Hardware and select Built-In Input it crashes Premiere Pro.  I've submitted a crash report - but wonder if anyone has encountered anything similar or might know what I might do to avoid this or what might be causing the problem.  I know that I have recorded voiceover before using the onboard microphone so this seems strange.  (I've checked and the same problem occurs in After Effects - and it happens anytime I select one of the options that includes my onboard input.  I am able to use my built-in microphone with other applications such as quicktime and camtasia, and no problems).