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    Insert PDFs into Power Point with Adobe Reader 10 doesn't work

    EOberfrank Level 1



      When I try to insert a PDF Document into a Power Point Sheet (Microsoft Office 2003) the following an error occurred: "Die Serveranwendung , die Quelldatei oder das Element konnte nicht gefunden werden oder ein unbekannter Fehler wurde zurückgemeldet. Installieren Sie die Serveranwendung unter Umständen erneut." In English it would be somethink like: "Die Serverapplikation, the sourcefile or the element could not be found or an unknown error get recalled. According to the circumstances install the serverapplication again."

      The error appears when I click in Power Point on "Insert" then on "Object" and then on "OK" if the Adobe Acrobat Document is selected. The error occurred since I use Adobe Reader X on Windows XP and on Windows 7.


      Have anyone any idea, or know a solution?


      Greetings from Cologne