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    CP4 just stopped recording audio (on Win 7 64-bit)

    Jonathan Kraftchick

      I know this has been addressed here and there, but I recorded a short webcast last week with minor audio issues (had to rename the dll file, etc), but after that, the program worked fine. Now, in wanting to edit the audio, CP4 is not recognizing the USB microphone. It'll recognize it once, but after that, it's done. Then, I'll have to go out, download the new dll file and rename it...only for it to work once during calibration again before not recognizing the mic during the actual editing. The microphone works in all other programs.


      Yesterday, I also downloaded the CP4 patch, but that just did the same thing (recognized once before going away).


      I've read that CP4 doesn't support Win 7 nor 64-bit, but I'm at a loss. The "support" line I called yesterday was an absolute joke. I was only hold for 90 minutes before them telling me that the microphone problem I was having was not a known issue and they had no suggestions. Then they gave me a number to call which turned out to be the number I had dialed in the first place.


      I just ordered the CP5 upgrade, but I'm not 100% sure it'll work there either. Sorry for the rant, I'm just incredibly frustrated with the program and their support line right now.


      Thanks for any help you can offer.