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    Workspace User Security to processes


      Hi, I am taking my first process to workspace and I am having issues with setting up the security so that only specific users can see the category and process. Am I missing something?  I have been all through the adminui and searched on this forum for about an hour now and finally decided to post a question.  What I am looking for is to have is so that when a user signs in they will only see the categories that I have given them rights to and then on the process under that category that they have rights too.  Can anybody point me in the right direction on what to do of where to go for information on how to set this up??  Thanks.

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          Jon Bionda Level 3

          There is no way to apply security on the categories so all categories are shown. 


          You apply security on the process via the Adminui (Services->Application and Services-> Service Management->  Security tab... click Add Principal button at bottom.  Only the of users/groups in this list will be able to invoke(start) the process and only the services a user is allow to invoke will be displayed under the Category node.