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    Tabbing from one fillable field to another -anyone ever see this?


      Just when I thought I've seen everything.  We are using Adobe Reader X (10.0.1 s/b the latest available).  What would prevent a user from tabbing through the fillable fields in a pdf file that was opened with Adobe Reader X?  We have some users (only a few, most of the others can tab through our pdf fillable forms with no problem) that have to use their mouse and click on each field in a pdf form that accepts user input.  On the Windows XP SP3 computers on which this is the case, when you log on as a different user, then you can navigate through fields on a form-fillable pdf using the TAB key.  So whatever is preventing it on certain computers seems to be user-profile specific.  If anyone has seen this and can offer any advice, I would really like to hear from you.  (All of our end-users are in the local administrator group on their respective computers.)  Marty (chessgeek)