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    Cineform--before and after

    davidbeisner2010 Level 3

      Ok, so back when I first got hired the director of our IT department said that Adobe was unable to handle HD on its own and that I had to buy Cineform... so he bought me Cineform Neo HD. This was back in the days of CS3, and I had nothing but trouble with the Cineform codec along with CS3, so I finally stopped using it and found, to my surprise, that Adobe did even better without it than it had done with it... surprise, surprise! When I upgraded to CS4 we re-installed Cineform, but it was just as buggy as ever, so I quit using it again.


      Anyway, when we hired BOXX to build us a new system and made the jump to CS5 we decided not to purchase the upgrade that was available for our license of Cineform and we didn't install the old one, either. Now that old copy of the software, including it's license, has been lost, and I've found myself needing to go back and pull up files that had been captured from my XHA1 using Cineform.


      PrPro pulls them in as just audio, and MPEG StreamClip, though it shows a video stream, doesn't show what the video is, and even if I try re-encoding it out to something else, the video's not there.


      So: is there any way I can reclaim that video from the Cineform AVI files without re-capturing from the original tapes?