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    Viewing issue with Adobe Reader


      Hi there,


      I'm having an issue with Adobe reader, which appears to be not related to platform or version. To cut a long story short. I've created an A4 design in Photoshop. Part of this design includes some boxes, that have been given an outline (border) effect. Also bare in mind that the Photoshop files are being created at 350dpi.


      When I put my design into Illustrator/ InDesign and then generate a PDF file. I then go and look at the pdf file and when the zoom is at 100%, the edges of the boxes are not straight, you'll get a slight offset half way along for example. However, when I zoom in to 400% the problem disapears and the lines (edges) look perfectly as they should.


      Does anyone know about this issue? I'm worried that when I print from the PDF, this issue will be in the print-out - or will it be OK when I print it seeming as it dissapears at 400% zoom.


      Any prompt answers or help would be appreciated.


      Kind regards,