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    Importing JVC GZ-HD7 TOD into Premiere CS5

    videodanthemusicman Level 1

      I purchased my first JVC GZ-HD7 camcorder about 3 1/2 years ago. It was packaged with an editing program, but I preferred using Premiere. The only way I could get Premiere to accept the TOD files was to convert them to another format and the quality didn't always follow and it was quite time consuming. One method was to use the editing program packaged with the camera to convert the TOD files to MPG2 files. It worked, but wasted a lot of time. Then I read that if you change the extension to M2T that you could import the files directly into Avid Liquid 7.2. That worked, but still I thought there should be a way to do it in Premiere. After trying several different third party conversion programs over the past 3 years with limited success I was reading through one of the threads last week and discovered someone that suggested renaming the extension to M2TS. IT WORKS!!!


      M2T will allow Premiere to import the file, but it never gets beyond the yellow screen with the Media Pending message. M2TS flows right into Premiere and not only saves you the time of conversion, but also saves space on your hard drive because you don't have to keep both the original TOD and the conversion on your drive. I hope this saves all of you using JVC TOD files a lot of frustration. Wish I had known about it a long time ago. - Dan