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      Hey guys,


      Does anyone know of any benchmarks out there that tests for the RAM sweet spot for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5?


      Windows 7 64-bit Professional can support up to 192GB of RAM.  When is it too much RAM?

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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It depends on your motherboard and your wallet.  Right now the maximum affordable RAM for a single processor X58 motherboard is 24 GB ( 6 each 4 GB modules)  Some day in the near future there are supposed to be 8 GB modules but the memory manufacturers seem to be having a problem producing these larger modules.  We actually have found that the sweet spot is anything over 12 GB.  For results look at the Premiere Pro Benchmarks (PPBM5) web site.

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            Dual CPU motherboards don't cost that much and can have 12+ slots.  So if you need the memory there are other ways to get it besides 8GB chips.  Which technically are really not nearly as bad as they used to be.  ~$200 for a 8GB server memory chip.

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              Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              To my knowledge dual CPU motherboards cannot be used with a single CPU chip (I do know that they cannot use i7 CPU's) and more memory per CPU and they require Xeon CPU's which do cost a lot more for the total system.  The current crop of 8 GB ECC RAM modules cannot be used in X58 motherboards. And you can see that there is not an major gain in Premiere processing power if you look at our PPBM5 benchmarks.

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                ericjwi Level 1

                You can run with 1 cpu but you lose half the memory slots.  You can get a Xeon processor starting around $200 its not that much higher than an i7 (a really good 5620 is about $389).  Notice how the SR-2 is at the top of the benchmark list.  Thats a dual CPU board.

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                  Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Those top of the list overclocked X5680 two processors alone will set you back $3400 plus more expensive ECC memory and look at the small difference in performance on the next two system at about 1/3 the price for motherboard, CPU's and memory.

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                    ericjwi Level 1

                    Not looking to break any records would never buy top price CPUs.  IE if I wanted 6 cores each would go with a 5645.  The whole point is if you really NEEDED the memory you can get a complete system for less than $2k.

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                      Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I would really like to understand why you would go with a single Xeon processor in a dual processor board and have to pay premium prices for ECC memory modules over a single i7-970 (six cores $600), a ~$300 motherboard and less than $400 for faster DDR3-1600 RAM.

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                        ectobuilder50 Level 1

                        Hey guys,


                        Thanks for the link to PPBM5, I will definitely check it out!


                        Also for the 'memory chips' or DIMM size as they say in the industry, there are actually 16GB DDR3 ECC Registered modules out there.  The cheapest is the Hynix 16GB (DDR3 ECC Registered) at memorydepot.com for $500.  All the new server/workstation boards support it (well actually the memory controller embedded on the die of the AMD and Intel CPUI's support it).


                        The upcoming AMD Interlagos and Xeon E7-xxxx chips will support 32GB Modules (Samsung is the first to provide the actual chips to ODM's).


                        I think the main thing for me (keep in mind I have yet to check out the PPBM5 site yet, so my opinion may change after having checked it) is to get a motherboard that has the most expandability so that later on I can add more RAM.  Right now I really like the Asus KGPE board (this is an AMD Opteron Socket G34 chipset) as it has 16 DIMM slots with each of them supporting up to 16GB sized modules!


                        Yes I know that Windows 7 64-bit Profissional/Ultimate only supports up to 192GB, but again it is about future proofing as my current motherboard 'only' supports 16GB in total.


                        Also I like the AMD Opteron platform (Socket G34) because future AMD chips (at least for the next cycle of SKU's) will support the SAME motherboard without having to buy a new one unlike with Intel.


                        Althernatively there is the SUPERMICRO MBD-H8SGL-F-O motherboard which is also Socket G34 for AMD and is a SINGLE socket board with 8 x DIMMs with each DIMM supporting 16GB modules, this would be a good economical choice.  The board is also half the price of the Asus KGPE.


                        Intel however doesn't seem to have the same value offering, although yes they do perform better with Premiere Pro CS5 so it may be worth the price premium.



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                          ericjwi Level 1

                          Not bad for 16GB.  I will have to keep that in mind when I'm doing my hosting servers.  Paying for electricity less chips higher density will pay for itself.