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    Can't Connect - New Connection

    Daniel M. Clark
      I want to like Contribute CS3, I really do. I spent the money on the full version. I trusted in Adobe to put out a product that was as robust as Photoshop and all the rest. So far, it's been disappointing.

      The latest drama is that all of a sudden, Contribute can't connect to the blog that I've been editing with Contribute for weeks. When I pulled up the page and clicked the Connect button, nothing happened. No error message, nothing telling me that the program couldn't connect. Naturally, I simply deleted the connection (since editing doesn't actually allow you to edit the connection) and created a new one.

      I chose "Blogs", "Other Blog Servers" and entered the URL of my blog. The window pops up asking for username and password. I enter them. The correct protocol and xmlrpc file location are filled in. I hit Finish. I get the dreaded error message:

      Contribute cannot connect to the server. Please check your connection information or contact your administrator.

      Guess what Adobe? I AM THE ADMINISTRATOR. When will software companies learn that error messages like the above are completely useless? Okay, so I double check that all my entries are correct. Everything is spelled correctly. It simply won't connect.

      I can login via the web directly to my Wordpress 2.1.3 install. No problem. My internet connection is fine. My Wordpress installation is fine. Everything works - except Contribute.

      This is the last straw. If I can't get this resolved, I'm going to abandon Contribute CS3 and spread the word about the inadequacies of it. I can live with the inability to edit the source code of a post (which means I have to manually edit the post in Wordpress to add basic things like affiliate link code), but if I can't even connect to a blog, the whole thing is pointless.

      I'm on a Mac, Tiger. Fully updated.

      Please advise.