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    Adobe X Standard Licensing error


      I am having trouble installing Adobe X Standard on windows 7 machines.  I am putting it on a image.  It is giving users the licensing error message and to uninstall and reinstall.  After we uninstall and reinstall we don't get this message.  I used the Adobe Customization wizard to create the install package.  Anyone seen this issue before?

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          EnterpriseHelp Adobe Employee

          Please be more specific with your steps:


          1. Downloaded installer x.x.x
          2. Downloaded patches xyz
          3. Have volume lic or retail lic.
          4. Installed Wizard X (9 won't work)
          5. Created an MST (and did what for serialization?)
          6. Installed via AIP or Bootstrapper
          7. burned to image
          8. etc.



          Include any missing steps without leaving anything out.





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            davidb77 Level 1

            1. downloaded Adobe X from the Adobe licensing site.

            2. Install clean version of Windows 7.

            3. Install adobe acrobat and other apps.

            4. Capture presysprep image with imagex.

            5. sysprep machine

            6. capture image

            7. load image with winpe

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              vdobhal Adobe Employee

              Can you please post the actual error message that users are getting? It would be better if you could also post the snapshot of the error message and the msi log.




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                I have the same issue.


                1. Acrobat Professional X

                2. Volume license

                3. Windows 7 (x86) Enterprise w/SP1

                4. Used the Adobe Customization Wizard X


                It is very hard to troubleshoot as it does not happen on the reference computer, only when it is deployed. Like something in Sysprep is removing something or the install is tied to the one machine.

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                  We are experiencing the same problem

                  1.       Acrobat Professional X

                  2.       Volume License

                  3.       Windows 7 (x86) Enterprise w/ SP1

                  4.       Adobe Customization Wizard X

                  a.       Volume Key

                  b.      Product registration

                  c.       Disable EULA

                  d.      Remove Desktop Icon

                  5.       Adobe Update 10.0.1

                  6.       Adobe Update 10.0.2


                  Create Image with MDT, Capture WIM, Deploy via SCCM OSD. (Note: Items installed via MDT use the SYSTEM account)


                  Replication Notes:

                  1)      If you are a local admin you do not experience the problem


                  2)      If you are a non-local admin and you open a PDF directly (without open Adobe and accepting the EULA first), you receive this error:


                  Configuration Error

                                  A problem has occurred with the licensing of this product. Restart your computer and re-launch the application.

                                  If this problem still occurs after restarting, contact Customer Support for further assistance, and mention the error code shown at the bottom of this screen.


                                  Error: 213:19


                  3)      If you login as a local admin, open adobe, accept the EULA, log off, login as user (non-admin), and open PDF file, everything then works correctly. (not an option on several thousand computers)


                  4)      It appears the transform isn’t applying the EULA portion correctly (on reference computer it definitely did), all other transform options are working correctly (Volume key, prod registration, and remove desktop icon) so the transform is being applied.


                  Let me know if I can provide any other information. We are able to replicate the issue consistently.

                  Thank you,

                         Tony M.

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                    I'm getting this error too using sysprep/deploy. Any help how to fix?

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                      davidb77 Level 1

                      We took it off the image.  Then we install it post image.  It stinks

                      but we couldn't find a better solution.

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                        AP@Civil Level 1

                        This worked for me on my Windows 7 SP1 image.





                        Solution 1, under Windows 7


                        I just gave Modify rights to the Users grooup over the C:\ProgramData\Adobe folder and all is well.

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                          Gremo82 Level 1

                          Speaking of setupcomplete.cmd, you solution should be (full control to Users):


                          icacls "C:\ProgramData\Adobe" /grant Users:F /t


                          Can you confirm this is a final solution? Thanks, made my day

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                            AP@Civil Level 1

                            Sorry this is the link I meant to paste



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                              Gremo82 Level 1

                              I know that link, but what i would know if this will work BEFORE starting any adobe app.