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    Removing navigation bar from PDF in CE6


      I am writing an application for Windows CE6 and I am trying to remove the navigation bars from the PDF presented to the user.  The device is loaded with Adobe Reader 9.0.  I was told that there is a registry setting that I can change to achieve this functionality but I cannot seem to find it.  Could someone help shed some light on my situation?

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          The registry value name is bExternalTabs.  It should be set to a 0 to remove the "Navigation Panel Buttons" and  should be removed to enable the functionality.  It is placed in the AVGeneral/cDockables registry key.  I figured this out by opening a pdf with the Navigation Panel Buttons presented to the user.  Then I exported the registry, removed the NPB and exported the registry again.  Doing a diff on the two exports revealed what I needed to change.