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    SWF Load order.

    AdeptDigital Level 2

      Hello all,


      I have a group of FC outputs that I have used to create a virtual tour of my client's showroom here:




      But the SWF files I have linked in the FXP are loading from back to front.  The last Page is loading first and the first loads last creating some issues.  I have one more pass I need to maker to fix some glitches with the vertical scroll bar and several other points but I need to know if I can adjust the order in which the SWF files load into the page.  I would prefer they load when called for but if that is not possible I would like to load from the first page to the last.


      On an associated thought, is it possible to create a progress bar in FC or Flash that will give the viewer some feed back on the SWF files loading in.  Right now the area is blank until they arrive.


      I have a feeling that this level of control is something achieved in Flash Builder, not in FC.  That is fine, I am planning on importing the file into FB to enable deep linking anyway but since there is no round trip function I figured I would get all of the FC work finished first, then go into FB and make whatever changes need to happen there.


      It is starting to seem silly that the two programs were separated to begin with.  It seems a natural evolution that Catalyst and Builder be joined into the same application sometime in the near future.  Once the round trip issue is taken care of, why not just work toward combining the two apps?


      Anyway, if someone could give me a pointer on the load order issue that would be wonderful.