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    I wanna do what this awesome site does.

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      Hello all,


      I was reading the March/April 2011 issue of Communication Arts and they show this awesome webite that took 14 months, 6 designers, and probably over $250,000 to build.  Check it out here:




      They do something here that I would love to be able to do without the 5 other designers or the 6 figure payout.  The site, that uses Flash and Javascript heavily, can adjust with the width of the browser window.  The navigation, which is on the right side and is bordered with a very cool logrithmic function that boggles the mind, holds its width and right alignment while the browser window resizes and the main content area with the text and images shifts as if it is centered between the left side of the window and the logrithmic border.


      Is there a way to set up a similar methodology in FC and FB where I can assign an area to remain its full width while the browser window is resized and while the main content that is centered.  A bonus would be to figure out how to get the navigation to overlap the main content when they get too close, or to have the main content roll off the left side rather than loose the navigation on the right side.


      I guess the same can be done with HTML if you were able to produce a navigation FXP that can then control a separate FXP with the main content.  I have not figured out how to use one FXP to control another FXP on the same page.  Would this be some sort of combination of Flash and Javascript?


      EIther way this is a very cool site that also corresponded with Adobe personnel in the programming phase.  I wish I had 14 months and a half dozen designers to work on a promo site for my business.  Must be nice!


      Whatever thoughts you have, I thank you for in advance.



      P.s. For something both fundamentally wrong and hilarious check out the sumo wrestlers with the Suburu commercials, comic genius.