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    ade installer sdk 1.7.1

    Jordi Llonch



      I'm implementing the fulfillment of a pdf ebook using a working ACS4.1. On the website download page there's the flash connection invoked using the next code:


             <script language="javascript" src="/__/ade_sdk/ADEBadgeLauncher.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
              <script type="text/javascript">
                  $(function() {
                      var HTMLdivID = "installerDivLayer1"; 
                      var HTMLobjectID = "ADEBadgeInstallerInstance1";
                       var contentURL = "http://www.XXXXXXXXX.com:8080/fulfillment/URLLink.acsm?orderid=7cd1d791-f8d1-4426-a42c-eae68642eb8c&gbauthdate=2011-03-11T00%3A36%3A03%2B00%3A00&resid=urn%3Auuid%3Ac87fee83-3008-450b-a45c-XXXXXXXXXXXXX&gblver=4&ordersource=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&action=enterorder&dateval=1299803763&auth=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX";
                       var doFulfillmentLink = true;     // NEEDED for ACS fulfillment
                       var autoInstall = false; 
                       var autoLaunch = false;
                       var badFlashRedirectURL     = "http://XXXXXXXXXX.com/order_finished_noflash/97c9aeb1-775c-4f9b-937f-2d1d157534e2"; 
                       var sendADEInstalled = false;
                       var sendSWFVersion = false;
                       var sendButtonPush = false;  
                       var escapedContentURL = escape(contentURL);
                       escapedContentURL = fix_gblink_plus_characters(escapedContentURL);
                       /*ADEBadgeLauncherInstanceWithDefs(HTMLdivID, HTMLobjectID, 
                           escapedContentURL, doFulfillmentLink);*/
                       ADEBadgeLauncherInstance(HTMLdivID, HTMLobjectID, 
                           escapedContentURL, doFulfillmentLink, autoInstall, 
                           autoLaunch, badFlashRedirectURL, sendADEInstalled, 
                           sendSWFVersion, sendButtonPush);

      When the order is complete, and the "Download" badge button is pressed, ADE 1.7.2 is started on the computer and the browser opens the contentURL flash variable which downloads a valid (without errors) URLLink.acsm file into my Downloads Folder.


      Is this the normal behavior of the ADE Installer?


      I assume ADE Installer transfers the URLLink.acsm into ADE and does the automatic fulfillment. Is it right?


      Thanks in advance,

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          Ha Duyen Hoa

          I have the same question.

          I've tried to set "doFulfillmentLink = false" to let ADE load direct le lien "escapedContentURL" but ADE can not download .ascm file like that.


          Any one can help us?


          Many thanks

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            Level 4

            The .ascm file is really just a URL that points to the ebook.  ADE

            translates that and goes and gets the ebook, then either downloads it to

            your library if you chose 'Save' or opens it for you to read in 'Reading'



            With that in mind, if you're having a problem with a particular ebook

            download, then it's probable that there's something wrong with the ebook

            that the link is pointing to.  ADE can't help you with that - you have to

            contact the site that shows the ebook in its catalog.