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    Corruption in output : Fraps -> H264




      I usually use VirtualDub to encode my Fraps footage to H264 using x264. I'm trying to see if I can do the same thing using Adobe PE.


      Source footage:


      Fraps Codec


      25 fps


      Output settings chosen in Adobe PE:

      Microsoft AVI

      x264 (using the same parameters I used in VDub)

      1280x720 (as I did in VDub)

      25 fps


      Square pixels aspect ratio (1, 0)

      Depth: 24 bits (didn't check the max resolution box over it)


      My problem is that I get all sorts of corruption in the output. Also for some weird reason VLC refuses to display the video portion of them, although I hear the audio just fine. The other players I have (MPC-HC, WMP) have no issues with it. Here are some relevant screenshots (my version of PE is in French btw):





      EDIT: I read in another thread that PE didn't like Fraps footage and it suggested converting the footage to another lossless format like Lagarith before importing in PE. Well I tried just that and I still have the same issues.